There are several infections that horses can be vaccinated against that occur in New Zealand. The following list has the common vaccinations used in horses in NZ.

•Equine Herpes Virus 1 and 4 (EHV1 & EHV4) (Equine Rhinopneumonitis virus) 

There are diseases that occur overseas that are not present in NZ that can be vaccinated against before a horse leaves NZ - NB it pays to check with your vet or MAF before doing this. Examples are Equine Encephalomyelitis Eastern and Western viruses, and Equine Influenza Types A1 & A2.

All of these vaccines are PAR1's (ie Prescription Animal Remedies) and therefore require a veterinary prescription to purchase for administration, or must be administered by a veterinarian.

A common mistake and confusion arises between a Tetanus antitoxin and a Tetanus vaccination. A tetanus antitoxin is an injection of antibodies to tetanus that gives an instant level of protection to the horse against tetanus that lasts up to three weeks only. A tetanus vaccination is an injection containing antigens that stimulate the horse to produce its own antibodies to provide a level of protection against tetanus. These own antibodies take up to 3 weeks to arrive in the animal, so protection is not instant, but does last several years after a course of vaccinations.

All of the vaccinations involve a course of injections - eg Tetanus requires two injections six weeks apart followed by another injection a year later, then every five to ten years. Strangles requires three injections three weeks apart followed by an annual injection

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