Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be unpleasant for the dog, and result in 'urine scald' or soreness, or even infection around the hind end. It is also annoying for the owners of indoor dogs, with urine leaking on carpets and in the dog's bed. In some cases, a veterinary examination may show that the urinary incontinence is caused by damage to the spinal nerves from an accident or arthritis. Or urine and blood tests may indicate a kidney or other organ problem that is making the pet drink a lot, and so unable to control her bladder.

However, in the majority of spayed dogs, the test results show the pet is in top physical health and the incontinence is due to changes in the muscular area in the tube carrying urine from the bladder, so that it is not tightening effectively to prevent urine leakage. This can be caused by the lack of oestrogen hormones after spaying.

There are various treatment options available for this form of urinary incontinence. Hormone replacement medication may be effective in increasing the sphincter tone. Other medications available mimic the action of nerves that close the urethra. . Together with your vet you can work out the treatment plan that works best for your pet, and the lowest dose that is still effective.

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