Information gained from scanning can be used to: 

  • Identify empty hinds (when these go to the works, liver samples can be taken to identify if trace element supplementation is required (Copper & Selenium).
  • Identify late carvers and predict calving pattern.
  • Investigate poor calving performance.
  • Identify problem stags and verify stag performance.
  • Confirm hinds pregnant to AI or ET programmes.
  • Confirm bought/sold stock is pregnant.
  • Better manage pasture and stock.

Scanning is best done using a rectal probe and requires a good crush or race, a power source, a secure place for the screen so the vet can see it easily and plenty of help to work the crush and help push the hinds up. Scanning is easier if hinds have full bellies and haven't been yarded for long. Scanning is most accurate between 30 and 120 days of pregnancy. Therefore hinds must be scanned between 120 days after the stag was put in and 30 days after he was removed. If you have mated Reds for 3 cycles (54 days), you only have a 36 day (7 week) window to scan. After 100 days the foetus begins to drop away out of reach and accuracy declines therefore 40-60 days after stag removal is the ideal time for scanning. Scanning is often charged at an hourly rate so the better your setup is, the less it will cost you so make sure your facilities are up to scratch before you arrange for your vet to do the scanning

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