Mating management

Alternatively, buying in supplementary feed should be considered. Use no more than 1 stag to 60 hinds although some well-managed systems have shown no decrease in conception rate with ratios of up to 100 hinds. Yearling hinds should have a ratio of 1:10 to 1:20 if using spikers. If using inexperienced sires, test-mate them to small mobs and follow up with an experienced backup stag or group mate them with experienced sires. Once the mating mobs have been set up, leave them to it. Keep an eye out for stags working or any early signs of poor performance such as lameness and replace them immediately. When your stags are being velvetted, make the most of the opportunity to check their teeth and testicles. 

Brucella ovis, which causes Brucellosis in rams, has been identified as a cause of poor fertility in stags. It causes epididymitis in stags (as with rams) and can spread rapidly through stags during the rut. Fertility is likely to be reduced and it is probable that infected stags may carry the infection through to another season. It is likely that infected rams are able to pass the infection on to deer - the exact mechanisms of which are not fully understood
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