When is my pet ready for a dental?

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Disease: Just as people have cavities, need root canals and lose teeth, pets can have serious dental problems. These problems can cause weight loss, chronic pain, decrease in their quality of life and lead to secondary diseases such as heart, kidney or liver diseases. Even with such long-term health concerns, your pet could have severe dental health problems, and with out careful monitoring, could go completely unnoticed.

Weight management for dogs

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When you place your hands on your pet's side, are his ribs hard to feel or even impossible to feel through a layer of fat? This could mean your pets overweight or obese, conditions veterinarians associate with many potentially painful and even hazardous medical problems that affect over 50% of our pet population!


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Vaccination gives protection against a number of different diseases, many of which can be fatal. Once an animal has become ill it can be difficult and expensive to treat, so it is better to prevent the disease in the first place.
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