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One of them is tuberculosis in cattle. Any animal older than 1 month of age that is not being moved to slaughter (this also includes animals moving to a winter grazing if they are not under direct management of the owner or have the possibility to mix with animals from other herds) must have: 1. A primary tag that carry a bar code representing the herd code and animal ID. 2. An additional secondary tag

that carry the herd code and the animal ID. Suitable secondary tags are: tamperproof plastic ear-tags, metal ear-tag or a radio-frequency device. If you are buying animals, make sure the seller has double tagged them with official AHB or LIC tags prior to movement. An animal that loses its only ID becomes 'unidentifiable' and could be subject to extra tests at the owner?s expense to verify its origin and health status. You should also remember that dairy cows in their last month of pregnancy must not be transported on a long haul journey or across the Cook Straight. The last month of pregnancy is interpreted as greater than 250 days in calf and a long haul journey is defined as one that will not be completed in less than ten hours (including loading and unloading).
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