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Arthritis in the working dog

One of the main reasons for having to retire working dogs as they get older is the onset of debilitating arthritis.  The pain and stiffness in their joints, often their hips, reduces their ability and eagerness to work.

The mainstay of arthritis treatment has been providing pain relief through the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  There are a couple of options for these - tablets such as Previcox or Rimadyl can be given daily or there is a drug called Tricoxil which only needs to be given monthly.  These are prescription medicines so a consultation with one of our small animal vets is required.

4Cyte Canine is a joint supplement for dogs which contains Epitalis, a plant oil extract patented for its ability to aid in cartilage regeneration when treating milkd to moderate arthritis.  It also includes green lipped mussel, abalone and marine cartilage.  4Cyte Canine is suitable for long term use with no known side effects and tehy offer guaranteed palatability or your money back.

Soft dry bedding in kennels prevents pressure sores and helps to prevent arthritis.  Early onset arthritis is often associated with hard, cold or wet beds.  This can easily be prevented by providing a well insulated bed of dry straw or a sackmat/other dog bed in their kennel.  Some farmers have even bought their dogs toasty warm Weatherbeeta dog covers to keep their team warm at night.  Check the kennels for any little holes and gaps which let in rain and cold air - trying to keep warm in winter is wasted energy which you need to replace with food.

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