Cat Aids (FIV)

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Most cats become infected with FIV when they are bitten while fighting with an infected cat. The virus, present in the saliva of infected cats, passes beneath the skin of the victim when it is bitten. Once it is in the body, FIV infects cells, replicates, and spreads to new sites via blood vessels and lymph channels.

Cat Abscesses & Cellulitis

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An abscess is a pocket of infection that contains pus. A membrane much like a thick-walled balloon filled with water surrounds these infected areas. Abscesses may be small or large, single or multiple. An abscess in the skin feels hot, looks red and swollen and is painful when touched. Abscesses often result from puncture wounds, such as scratches or bites. The surface of the skin heals quickly, but germs have been deposited beneath the skin by the nail or tooth. These germs may result in an infection called an abscess.

Anaesthesia and drugs for older pets

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Anaesthesia is often required in older pets for the cleaning of teeth, removal of lumps, or even suturing wounds in those active senior pets. While an older pet's heart and lungs may be fine, they may not cope as well with the stress that a routine anaesthetic can cause, so your vet will often decide to use a different anaesthetic than would be used on a strong young pet.

Carnasial Tooth Root Abscess

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Just as people have cavities, need root canals, and lose teeth, pets can have serious dental problems.  These problems can cause weight loss, chronic pain, decrease in their quality of life, and lead to secondary diseases such as heart, kidney or liver diseases.  Even with such long-term health concerns, your pet could have severe dental health problems, and with out careful monitoring, could go completely unnoticed.  The large premolars and molars on the upper and lower jaws are the largest teeth in your pet's mouth, called Carnasial Teeth.

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