Cat Ear care

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At our "day jobs" we are full-time Veterinarians with all the degrees and practical experience you could ever want, but we are "virtual experts" in collaboration with and can't touch, see or feel exactly what you can. We believe that providing this service on-line is a valuable and important part of the future of veterinary science and agriculture. We recommend that you contact your Veterinarian for a full diagnosis for your animal. ...

Cat Desexing

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Desexing of the male and female cat can be performed from around five months of age. Desexing reduces the number of unwanted kittens born, thus reducing the stray cat population and the number of kittens which must be destroyed every day by organizations like the SPCA. ...

Cat Dental Care

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Teeth should last a lifetime with proper care, but if neglected can cause a wide variety of health problems ranging from bad breath to life threatening infections. When teeth are neglected, plaque builds up along the gum margin due to the action of bacteria on left over food. At first this plaque is soft and easy to remove but as it becomes calcified, it forms into a hard yellow deposit called tartar. This builds up progressively, causing an inflammation of the gum called gingivitis.

Cat Conjunctivitis

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Cats with conjunctivitis tend to have a discharge from their eye(s), which can be clear or thick and purulent. The conjunctiva is often more visible and reddened particular in the corner of the eye and can be swollen, partially covering the eye. Frequently the eye(s) are held half closed and the third eyelid is more prominent.

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