Ram management

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Rams must be physically sound to achieve a high conception rate. They must not be thin or lame, they must have firm large testicles and no lesions in the external genital tract, they should be shorn no closer than 8 weeks before mating, and they must have had no illnesses in the 2 months prior to mating. 

Paddock choice and lamb survival

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On average, nearly 20% of lambs scanned, die before docking , an enormous waste. There are some factors, which can be controlled by the farmer (weight, condition etc) and there are others, the farmer cannot control (weather, dystocia etc). One factor the farmer can control, with no added expense, is the lambing paddock. 


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Nutrition holds the key to sheep production. Maximum production can only be achieved in all classes of sheep if their nutrition is adequate and balanced. This can generally be achieved by feeding pasture. The length and quality of the pasture determines its feed value. Quality is determined by the amount green leaf, the age of the leaves, the stage of growth of the pasture plant and the plant species. 

Johnes Disease

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This is a chronic, debilitating disease that occurs in sheep as well as goats, cattle, alpacas and deer. It is caused by Mycobacterium paratuberculosis and the disease is usually mild in sheep but under certain conditions there may be significant losses.

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