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Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services (SRVS Ltd)

Located in the southern region of the Rangitikei disctrict in the lower North Island, Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services (SRVS Ltd) has a clear vision:     "SRVS delivers excellent animal care that Clients Value"
A mixed Practice with clinics in both Bulls and Marton, SRVS offers a wide range of services both out in the field and in-house, particularly companion animal, production animal and equine.  The main clinic is located in Bulls, is build to Best Practice standards, and is a hive of activity all year round.  The Marton clinic acts as both a small animal consultation clinic and a retail depot.

Our Vision:

SRVS as a team delivers excellent animal care that clients value

Our Strategy:

There is a strong commitment by the team to stand by the four words derived from the SRVS acronym:

"Service  -  Respect  -  Value  -  Science"

Service - customer service will be of an exceptional standard at all times.

Respect - the relationship between clients and all members of the SRVS team will be based on mutual respect.  Furthermore the team members will respect and value the contributions of each individual, whatever their role.

Value - the provision of value to Clients is central to the successful operation of this business.

Science - SRVS will integrate the fundamentals of good science into its operations.

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If your animal requires immediate attention or is in obvious pain, our Vets are always on call for emergencies.
All emergencies call 06 322 2333